Research grants
Part of the foundation's distribution of funds goes to annual research grants. The application must be of such a quality that it could also compete for funding from another organisation, e.g. the Swedish Research Council. If the application concerns part of a larger project, the sub-project must be specified, and the draft budget corresponds to the work of the subproject. For a valid application, applicants must be in possession of a doctorate.
Previously received research grants must be reported at the latest 2020-06-17 in order for applicants to have their new application processed.
Deadline for submitting applications via the foundation's electronic application portal is 2020-06-03.

PhD Positions
The Foundation announces doctoral positions, each comprising an amount of SEK 550 000 per year. The doctoral positions are intended for postgraduate students with projects that address the foundation's purpose at one of the country's universities and can be held for an active period of four years. Funds for postgraduate employment are sought by the supervisor who should be employed at an institution in Sweden. In addition, the applicant must have fulfilled the formal requirements for supervising doctoral students at the university. 
Deadline for submitting applications via the foundation's electronic application portal is 2020-06-03.

Master Thesis Work
The foundation annually distributes a number of scholarships for degree projects. The thesis shall be within the framework of the foundation's purpose and be given to students who work with the compulsory degree assignment in undergraduate Education (master). The amount is SEK 10 000 where 4 000 is retained until the degree project is submitted and approved. The scholarship  is sought by the supervisor for the student who will carry out the thesis work. Applications in the framework of degree projects may relate to landscape, soil, water or plant health, i.e. they are not dependent on the foundation's decision on thematic calls (see above).
Applications can be submitted on two occasions during the year (June 3 and October 15). Applications are submitted via the foundation's electronic application portal.
For the application to be processed, the application must contain 1) a clear budget and 2) a timetable for the intended degree project. The budget shall specify how the grant amount is to be used.

Scientific meetings at Ekenäs 
Grants for organising scientific seminars and meetings are also provided by the foundation. It is required that meetings/seminars take place at the foundation's property Ekenäs (see the Foundation's website) and that they fit within the foundation's purpose.
The application for organising seminars or meetings may be submitted on an ongoing basis during the year.