The Oscar and Lili Lamm Memorial Foundation turns 50 in 2021
Jubilee announcement of two
research prizes of 2.5 million SEK each

 The Oscar and Lili Lamm Memorial Foundation was created in 1971 through a generous donation of capital funds from the daughters of Oscar and Lili Lamm. In the same year, Ekenäs Herrgård and an agricultural property, both located outside Flen in Södermanland, were also donated. According to the statutes, the foundation provides money for "scientific research for Swedish nature conservation, especially in relation to problems related to soil conservation, water conservation, landscape conservation and plant health." To celebrate the foundation's 50th anniversary in 2021, the Foundation Board has decided to award two research prizes of SEK 2.5 million each.
The research prizes are intended to be used for the applicant's research over a five-year period. The prize will be used for research in one of the areas that the Foundation supports and will concern Swedish conditions. The prize is paid in two instalments. At the start of the project, half the prize money will be paid out. After an approved mid-term report, the remaining funds are released.
Applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • Be a researcher at a Swedish university or college.
  • Have obtained a PhD in 2011 or later (in Sweden or abroad). Adjustment of the date for PhD due to parental leave or long-term serious illness is allowed. In such cases, relevant documentation shall be attached to the application.

Applications submitted are assessed by an evaluation committee appointed by the Foundation. The assessment process uses the following criteria:

  • Scientific quality of the research project described in the application, such as originality and scientific novelty
  • The relevance of the project in relation to the areas supported by the Foundation 
  • Applicant's scientific merits
  • Feasibility of the project

Applicants should be aware of the fact that applications are evaluated using a two-step process: in the first step the evaluation committee reads only the project summary and the description of the project’s relevance to the Lamm Foundation. The applications that go to the second step will be read in their entirety.  
How to apply
The application is submitted to the foundation's application portal. The application can be written in Swedish or English.
The following documents shall be attached to the application form:

  • Research plan. The research described in the research plan should be in one of the areas that the Foundation supports and must concern Swedish conditions. The research plan should be described in 6 pages, including the references.
  • Applicant's CV and publication list (edited under the applicant's personal data)
  • Applicant's PhD diploma. As a criterion for eligibility to apply, the date of the diploma and not the date of the oral defense of the doctoral thesis is used. 

Applicants are encouraged to visit the application portal some time before the final date so that they will be familiar with the detailed instructions for writing the application. 

January 1: Call opens for applications 

April 6: Deadline for submitting applications. The application portal is open till midnight.

September 2021: The Foundation Board decides which two researchers will be awarded the prize. The decision will be announced on the Foundation's website.

December 2021: Earliest project start. 

The project granted shall commence within three to five months of the Board's decision. The award ceremony is planned for the Foundation's anniversary conference in November 2021.
For questions, please contact the Foundation's Secretary Jan Fahleson.